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Seminars and Certification available. We Travel throughout the United States!

Current and Former Clients include: U.S Customs Services, U.S. Probation Services, Metropolitan Community College Public Safety, Southeast Community College, Central Community College Public Safety, Creighton University, John Wood Community College Public Safety along with countless individual officers from dozens of departments and hundreds of civilian groups.

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D-TAC Defense Systems

Specialists in Public and Private Law Enforcement and civilian tactical training and certification for over 25 years.

Course Offerings:

PLUS ONE - Empty Hand Options for CCW Permit Holders TBA

Tactical Pistol Class - TBA

Tactical Pistol Class - 

Tactical Knife Defense TBA -(Saturday)  *

* Plus One class completion required to take the knife class.

Weapons Disarming and Retention - TBA

PPCT Presure Point Control Tactics - Law Enforcement training on joint locks, pressure points, defensive blocks and counter strikes, impact weapon control, tactical handcuffing, weapon retention and disarming

D-TAC Ground Control Tactics - Ground control and submission tactics to difuse and disarm an opponent. Learn how to survive if you end up on the ground.

D-TAC O.C. Tactics -Training in proper application, defense and follow up of pepper spray as a defensive weapon.

Dynamic Tactical Communication – Training to enhance verbal skills through dialoged tactics and strategies. The gentle way of verbal persuasion compliments and reduces other use of force options.

*D-TAC Edged Weapons Administration -Safe and Tactical use and defense of edged weapons. * Note - If you are interested in our Knife, ppct or ground control class, please contact us to get on the waiting/contact list! We train agencies, groups and individuals. Civilians are required to complete the "Plus One" Empty Hand course prior to Edged Weapons.

NRA LEAD Firearms – Law Enforcement Activities Division Certified Instructor for pistol and shotgun training, administration and tactics and certification.


Security Consulting – We are specialists in public and personal safety training, use of force policy and corporate security issues.