Pistol Training - D-TAC offers several pistol courses for civilians and separate firearms training for law enforcement. The Nebraska concealed carry law went into effect on January 2nd, 2007 and applicants will require training and certification prior to receiving a permit. D-TAC Defense Systems has been a longstanding source for personal firearms training and we are certified to provide training to Nebraska civilians wishing to enhance the safe and proper handling skills for firearms and earn a Concealed Carry Permit Act Training Certificate. We are also certified by the State of Utah to provide the Utah Multi-Sate Concealed Carry Training certification for Nebraskans as well as residents from other states. We are a private tactical research and training academy serving Nebraska and the U.S. for over 30 years. We now serve Southwest Florida too.



The purpose of the Handgun Safety Training Course is to instruct, prepare, test and certify qualified citizens seeking the training required to obtain a concealed handgun permit.

Nebraska Concealed Carry Course. (Approved Instructors)

Now offering classes in Florida for Floridians.

 Nebraska Concealed Carry Permit Training Certification Classes and Utah multi-state permit add-on certification is available for an additional charge during any class.  Individual PREPAID REGISTRATION IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. Spots are filled on a "first paid, first served" basis. Late registrations at the door will be accepted if we still have openings (please call to check). Openings last updated on 4/17/21 4:00 pm.

To Register: Go to "Registration Page" and download a registration form. Fill out the form and return it by postal mail along with payment to the address listed. If you call or e-mail us we will gaurantee your spot in advance. Call 402-564-9339,  or e-mail us   dtac.tactical@gmail.com


Niobrara, Nebraska April 24th 2021  (class still has 2 openings) Email or text for form

Columbus , Nebraska Coming in August

Niobrara, Nebraska Saturday, April 24th email us to obtain a registration form  

Florida Class, TBA. Private classes now available.