We Offer Tactical Knife, Weapons Retention, Weapons Disarming, Close Quarters Tactics and many other need specific programs to groups, angencies and departments.

Brooks promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt - New York, NY.  Martial Arts Master Ken Brooks was promoted to the rare rank of 8th Degree Black Belt by Taekwon-do International President S.J. Kim on Febuary 1st, 2008. Brooks, who owns a Tactical Training Academy and a Martial Arts School in Nebraska, became only the third person to reach this rank in Association history.

Brooks has owned and operated tactical and martial arts acaedemies for the last 35 years. He is a former National Champion and 3 time world record holder.

Joint Locks and Pressure Point Classes are a popular selection.


Ken Brooks Jr.

Ken Brooks is the Director of Training for D-TAC Defense Systems, a law enforcement and civilian tactical training and research company. Ken is a Nebraska State Patrol, Florida and Utah BCI approved CCW course firearms instructor, NRA Certified LEAD (Law Enforcement Activities Division) Firearms Instructor, NRA Pistol and NRA Personal Protection Firearms Instructor.


He has been trained and certified by many leading tactical and "use of force" companies including PPCT, NRA, Winchester, Monodnak, Enforcement Technologies, D-TAC Special Op’s as well as several leading martial arts organizations. Ken holds the rare rank of 8th Degree Black belt in the martial arts style of Taekwondo and 7th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido.  Ken is a Certified Master Instructor with Taekwon-do International and the Midwest Hapkido Federation.


Ken worked as a bouncer in the rough and tumble bar scene in Denver in the early '80"s" and was later employed as an Officer of The Court to provide unarmed protection services. He has served as a trainer or consultant for numerous local, regional and national law enforcement agencies and individual officers including, Platte County Sheriffs Dept., U.S. Probation Services, and U.S. Customs Services. Ken has provided security training and certification for numerous college and university security departments as well as private security companies accross the US..


As a full-time instructor over the last 30 years, Ken has trained thousands of citizens and officers in the most proven and usefull defensive tactics packages available. He is trained and certified to teach virtually all levels of self-defense and offers programs that can be customized to meet your needs.


Kens moto for use of force and tactical training is always – “Less Force Is Better” better trained individuals control a situation without excessive force!




There are several other consultants who provide services as needed for D-TAC. These are Law Enforcement officers from various agencies throughout the United States. We can contract a specialist for specific training or for dates that we have already booked.