What others said:


I just wanted to thank you for the class you put on today. I appreciate your professionalism, your teaching style and how you make everyone feel at ease with the material in the class.  Kim S., Columbus

Hi Ken,                 Dec. 13, 2006
I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the very informative training meeting and session that you put on for us today.  I believe you did an excellent job in presenting the program and it was a very enjoyable day.  I also want to Thank You for pointing out to me some ways to make my shooting better and some of the mistakes that I was making.  Ed S.


Just wanted to commend you on a very professional and safe class. In terms of your presentation .....your years of practice really show.  Ryan, Omaha  

Hi Ken,   Thanks for a great day yesterday! I really came away with some good information. Rick H, Omaha

Ken,   Had a blast at your Tactical Shooting Class today. Put me on the list for any future training.   Michael H.   Lyons  6/30/08


Just a note to thank you for a great tactical class.  I always learn a few more things at every course I take.  I could not have asked to take it with a bunch of greater (and safer) guys.   Please keep me advised of future courses. 

Thanks again,      Cliff    Lincoln        07/01/08



Ammunition Notice:

Effective immediately you may only use factory ammunition for this course. PLEASE - NO RELOADS-NO HANDLOADS.

Frequently Asked CCW Questions

Handgun Training Class Frequently Asked Questions (updated on 01/05/2013)

Is the class Difficult?  No. The class is an informative and fun mix of safety review, shooting fundamentals and an introduction to defensive shooting concepts. The course meets all of the requirements set forth by the State. Everyone will receive some personal coaching and feedback. We have a 99.5% graduation rate and are committed to help you achieve your goal of earning a training certificate.



How do I register?  Just refer to the Registration Page and download a form. Call us or e-mail your request and we can hold a spot for you.


Do I need my own handgun or do you provide it?   Students are responsible for bringing a safe operational modern handgun to the class. You will learn defensive shooting tactics at close range (20ft or less). * Note - For the Columbus indoor class, we have handguns, holsters and magazines for any student to use. If you don't have a handgun, just let us know.


Do I have to qualify and train with the gun I will carry? No. You must bring a safe, operational handgun that you can conceal in a hip holster . (Usually a jacket or long shirt will do.) * Note - For the Columbus indoor class, we have handguns, holsters and magazines for any student to use. If you don't have a handgun, just let us know.


I’m not going to use a holster for concealed carry. Why do I need one for the training?  To provide the highest level of safety and course specific training, you will need a holster that is a paddle or belt type (strong side) or a shoulder holster. (Sorry no small of the back, ankle, fanny pack due to range safety rules) You will learn specific skills related to handgun self defense that require a safe holster. A holster is required for the Nebraska qualifier. Please avoid an ill fitting or flimsy holster. Inexpensive Kydex or Fobus type paddle holsters are available at most gun stores and work very well. * Note - For the Columbus indoor class, we have academy handguns, holsters and magazines for any student to use. If you don't have a handgun, just let us know.


How can I prepare for the class?  The class is a self contained learning experience so you don't need to do anything special beforehand. If you want to look at the NSP web site for the statutes, the Concealed Handgun Act and the Individual Permit Application and familiarize yourself with the contents. Some folks like to take a trip to the range and refresh your skills. Familiarize yourself with your local firearms laws if you can. We will cover all of these details in class too.



Why do I need to pre-register for the class?  The classes fill quickly and there may not be a possibility of obtaining a spot on the day of the class. We recommend at least a 4 to 10 day advanced registration. We will take registrations up to a class time but the class may aready be filled. D-TAC will make every effort to accommodate those who register early.


The web page shows plenty of openings, why should I register early? We are experiencing groups of registrations that can arrive in the mail and fill a class quickly.


What should I be aware of? Cheap ammunition and aftermarket magazines or poorly functioning handguns can create stress for the student. Misfires and magazine malfunctions may occur due to these issues. A brand new handgun that has never been fired can present a challenge too. Try to get some "break in" shooting and a good cleaning before the course. * Note - For the Columbus indoor class, we have handguns, holsters and magazines for any student to use. If you don't have a handgun, just let us know.


What should I bring?

1. A functional and safe handgun. *

2. A good functional Strong Side Hip or Paddle Holster or a Shoulder holster (Hip or Paddle Preferred) *

3. At least 70 rounds of Factory Ammunition. **Note - For the Columbus Indoor range, we will supply the appropriate ammunition.

4. Sack Lunch and snack items.

5. Notebook, Pen or Pencil.

6. Magazines or Speedloaders. More magazines are better (up to 5). Avoid cheap magazines as they tend to malfunction.

7. Eye and Ear Protection.

8. Appropriate clothing for handgun concealment and weather conditions. Columbus is all Indoor.

9. An open mind. (Come to enjoy the training.)



Magazines and speedloaders – If you have them bring them. You can use up to 5 magazines during the qualifier if you have them. (We never load more than 6 rounds in a mag.) Anyone can complete the course with one magazine (Please bring at least 2) and no speedloaders too, it just takes longer. Not required for Columbus Class.


SAFETY!! This course is designed around the safety component. Unsafe shooters will not complete the course. Every skill level can benefit from a training refresher. Defensive shooting tactics will be taught. Come with an open mind and you will have an enjoyable experience. We are here to help you learn and improve!


Do I Need the Utah Option? Some citizens desire the added recognition available when traveling out-of-state. The Utah permit adds 38 + states of recognition with it's concealed carry permit. If you only want the Nebraska training certificate that is fine too. Nebraska permits cover any bordering state and several others. Just choose your option when you register.


Someone told me I need a firearms perchase permit to take the class? You do not need any permits or credentials other than a Driver's License. Your CCW permit will take the place of a Firearms Purchase Permit.